Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days to Financial Freedom, Day 31: The End!

Well, today is the last day of my first 31 Days Challenge.  I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to show you all, but we accomplished a lot in our lives!  And I hope I've showed you a little something along the way.  I hope you'll stay with me as we continue on this journey.  I've still got a lot left to learn, and hopefully you can continue to learn through our mistakes and victories.  Paying our bills on time is one of the most gratifying things I have ever encountered.  Losing 12 pounds also didn't suck!  I'm not done, this blog isn't done, and I hope you'll keep following along!

I hope every has a fantastic Halloween, no matter how your family celebrates.  We'll be taking Captain American and Ms. Kitty out on the town, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for no rain! 

This 31 Days Challenge was . . . well . . . challenging.  Not only do I work full time, I'm a full time mom, wife, and student, so keeping up with posting everyday just wasn't in the cards for me.  I didn't want to prepare anything in advance, because I wanted you to live it right along with us.  Changing our spending habits was and will remain to be not easy.  It's a daily struggle to go from eating out 4 or more times a week, to eating at home.  But I am thrilled with the progress we've made so far.

I hope you'll stick around!

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