Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days to Financial Freedom, Day 13: Rag Wreath

It's really starting to look and smell and feel like autumn around here!  The leaves are changing on the trees and beginning to make their descent to the ground, resulting in the intoxicating aroma of burning leaves.  I love that smell! 

We usually start decorating for holidays and seasons stupid early, but for whatever reason we just really haven't this year.  Mind you, I've had the tubs of Halloween and fall decorations up from the basement for weeks, but actually putting out the decorations hasn't happened.  I'll blame it on Piglet 1's birthday party . . . three weeks ago. 

Anyway, I'm jumped on the burlap wreath bandwagon and made my own!  Last night was Game Five of the National League Division Series, St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Washington Nationals.  I am a crazy crazy crazy St. Louis fan, and I knew I would need something to occupy my time, so I decided right before the game started to make this wreath!  I had bought the material to make it months ago.  In March to be exact.  And it has sat on top of the shelving unit in our office/craft room, untouched. 

I started off with a yard of natural burlap and a yard of white burlap, a wire wreath form, and a rotary cutter (although I deserted the rotary cutter about a minute into the project).  The burlap and the wreath form cost $8.07 (the receipt was still in the bag).  Seven months ago.  Not too bad!

First, I decided how wide I wanted the rags, and I chose roughly 1 inch.  I started cutting the white burlap, and for the first long row of cutting, I tried really hard to make a straight cut.  That only lasted the first cut.  After that I just eyeballed it.

Then I decided how l long I wanted the rags.  I cut a couple different lengths and tied them to the form to decide what looked best.  Once I had the length I wanted, I used a sharpie and the bottom of a box to draw the length so it would make it easier to cut.  It ended up being about seven inches.

Then I started cutting.  And cutting.  And cutting.

Once I had a decent pile of the white, I start tying the burlap rags onto the form in random places.  I knew I was going to have too much burlap, and I wanted to keep as much of it intact as I could to use it for future projects.  So I cut a decent amount, and figured I could always cut more.  Once I had a good portion of the wreath form covered in white, I repeated the process with the natural burlap.

By this time I was completely covered in burlap.  The floor by my chair was completely covered in burlap.  And Descalso on the Cardinals had just hit a beautiful hit that brought in two runners.  My heart was racing, and my fingers hurt. 

I really like the look of the two colors of burlap together.  I tried to go every other, but I was paying more attention to the baseball game than the wreath to be honest. 

By this time my husband had finally started to see what it was supposed to look like.  I wanted this to be a wreath that I could use all throughout the year, but I wanted to put a fall spin on it for this season.  I dug through the tubs of decorations and found these three little guys that I got at the dollar store years ago.

I used jute to tie the scarecrows to the wreath so I could remove them after fall was over (and add some sort of winter or Christmas decoration!).  This is the back of the scarecrow.

For this one, I used the jute in between the body and the stick to secure it to the wreath and make sure it would stay put.

For this one, I used the jute to make a belt.

Once I was done attaching the scarecrows, I fluffed the wreath and used Command utility hooks to attach it to our front door.  I'm not sure how long it's going to last out there, because it's just so cute I want it in the house so I can see it all the time!

Here's the back:

Here's the front:

I.  Love.  It.  Sorry for the picture quality - I had to use my iPhone and it's raining like crazy out there!  I love the rustic look of the wreath, and I also love that I can use it year round.  It looks great without any accessories, too. 

So, have you jumped on the burlap wreath band wagon?  What's your favorite look?  Also, the Cardinals won, after bringing in four runs during the 9th inning.  During the 8th inning, I abandoned the wreath and instead nervously paced my living room, so I actually finished it today. 

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