Friday, November 9, 2012

I am SO excited!

Whew.  Break over.  Blogging (almost) every day for 31 days kind of got the best of me.  I was afraid I would run out of things to talk about!  Onward and upward, I say.

I am so excited.  Do you know why?  Do ya?  DO YA?  No, of course you don't.  I am SO excited because in just 14 short days, my husband and I are going on a DATE.  . . . what?  Not that exciting?  It is if you haven't left the teeny tiny town you live in for close to three months!  For real peeps, I go to work and then I drive home.  Five days a week.  On the weekends I sometimes drive to the library or the park.  And then I drive home.  We haven't gone anywhere since the first of September, with the exception of a VERY short trip to pick up our couch.  We didn't even eat out.

We are going Christmas shopping, and I am so very very excited.  We're using a gift card my boss gave me last year and eating somewhere super fancy.  Le Olive Jardin.  Yep.  Ok, it's just The Olive Garden, but daaaaaaaaamn they've got some good breadsticks, eh?  We might even go to the movies.  I know, you're all green with envy.  I have a coupon! 

We're cutting our Christmas purchases way back this year.  We decided to buy #1 a DSi, but only after he saved up half of it.  #2 is getting a play kitchen that #1 got for his 3rd birthday and hasn't played with in two years.  It's been collecting cobwebs in the shed, and it's getting a buff and shine before making its way under the tree.  We're getting her a few new pots and pans, and I'm making some food to go along with it (I have this idea for a felt pizza . . . we'll see).

I'm doing homemade gifts for just about everyone else.  We're doing jelly, candy, breads, and other assorted goodies for extended family members.  I have numerous ideas for other gifts, and we'll see how many I actually finish.  Check back later on for details!


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