Saturday, September 15, 2012


We're a family of habit, and every Tuesday we have Taco Tuesday.  I've been making my own taco seasoning for years, but I originally started because of the amount of sodium and other preservatives in the seasoning packets you can buy in the store.  My younger brother spent the night tonight (there's a 15-year age difference between us.  Both Pen and I have younger brothers who are 15 years younger than we are - what are the odds?), and we decided to make tacos because we had many many taco shells left over from Labor Day weekend when Pen's parents came for a visit.  I had planned to make tacos for dinner one night, but they took us out instead.  We've been going through the taco shells (soft shelled) for the past two weeks and we still have two packages left!  We've been eating wraps, pizza shells, and, of course, tacos like mad the last two weeks!

Here is how I make my tacos:

We normally use one pound of ground beef to feed our family of four.  I brown the meat and add salt, pepper, onion powder (or dehydrated diced onion), and garlic powder.  Once browned, I drain (if necessary), and add my seasonings.  I must admit that I don't measure these seasonings, I go off of color and smell to determine if I have the right amount.  I add chili powder, cumin, and normally more onion, garlic, and salt because I assume some of the original seasoning came out when I drained the meat.  Once I'm sure I have the right amount of seasoning, I add hot sauce or salsa (we like things spicy), and then add enough water to cover the meat.  The water will cook off and create a little sauce for your tacos.  We top our tacos with the traditional sour cream, lettuce, cheese, and more salsa.

Occasionally, Pen will make his famous "cheesy bean dip" to go with it, which is a can of refried beans and chili con queso heated together on the stove top.  I don't like refried beans, but I think this is pretty tasty (and cheap!). 

Once our taco shells are gone, I plan on trying my hand at making our own.  I found a lot of YouTube videos on the subject, and I thought I'd give them a go.  By making our own seasoning, we're saving on the packaging, sodium, and saving money in the long run!  Anyone else make their own taco seasoning?

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  1. i do it pretty much the same as you, though i add a little cornstarch with the water, it finishes much quicker and has a saucier finish
    i have two boys, 5 and 2, and there is a lot of train love going on in this place!
    every now and then we have a taco night...but around here we call it a train taco party!
    i put a parchment paper runner down the center of the table and draw train tracks on with my sharpie.
    we line up all the taco shells on the train tracks and drive them to all the stations to get their loads
    stops include "meathwaite station", :farmer mc colls lettuce patch", "the cheese factory" and "green onion station"
    tacos are my favorite meal but my kids hated them! now the love taco train parties so we re all happy :D