Friday, September 14, 2012

Sometimes, things just don't work out!

We attempted to make our new traditional Friday Night Pizza meal. We only just finished eating, and it's almost 8:00 (this is completely abnormal for us, we're usually done eating by 6 or 6:30).  I did something wrong, although I still am not 100% sure of what it was.  Last week, I had enough dough to make a thicker pizza crust (not quite "pan pizza" thickness), and two loaves of fluffy, wonderful french bread.  Tonight . . . tonight was different.  Tonight I had enough dough for one really ultra thin pizza crust and one really dense loaf of bread.  Chewy.  HEAVY.  Not too great.  Sure, it still tasted alright (according to Pen), but texture wise, it was a total miss for me.  But - we ate it anyway!  Albeit a little bit later because we had to let the french bread finish cooking for an extra 25 minutes!

So what if it wasn't perfect?  Not everything will work out the first time we try it, right?  Sure, we may fail at some of the things we try, but it's not an excuse to give up.  Next week, I'll try again.  I know the recipe works, it's just a matter of getting all the right pieces.

I know we're going to have missteps along the way to financial freedom.  We'll eat out more often than we should one week, and then learn from our mistakes for the next week.  Emergencies will come up.  Cars will break down.  Dishwashers will break (oh wait!  That's already happened!  Two weeks with no dishwasher and counting).  Unexpected expenses will crop up.  But just because we run into a bump in the road does not mean the recipe is wrong, we just made a mistake somewhere. 

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