Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm tired of BBQ Pork

Financially we're doing really well this week. Pen got paid today and I get paid tomorrow, and it will be nice to hopefully have some money left over at this time next week!  This would normally be the week we paid our late mortgage payment, but not this month!  We can actually use this money to build up a little cushion in our checking account.  Or we'll actually pay off that hospital bill that's about to go to collections.  Yea, probably that one.  Last night before Pen's paycheck posted, we had $146 in our checking account.  No fear of being overdrawn again this week!

We're working on building our savings too, so $200 of every one of my checks ($400 per month) goes to an account we have at another bank. Tomorrow, we'll have $420-ish in savings. That's nothing new; we've always have the $200 going into that account. We've also almost always withdraw that money and put it into our other account to avoid overdraft, or spend from that account instead of our regular one. But unfortunately that money cannot stay there . . .

Remember those bad decisions I have been talking about?  Those stupid stupid things that we used to do, that we're facing the consequences of now?  Here's another example!  We bought a couch in August.  A beautiful couch that we could not afford. A couch that will delivered to the store next weekend.  A couch that I cannot return/just not pick up because we did custom fabric.  *sigh*. 

I said here that I graduated with my bachelor's degree at the beginning of August.  When I graduated, I got a little bit of money from some family and family friends.  I decided to use that money to buy a new chair, because the one we had finally took it's last recline (it was 13 years old, that's 130994u2085t2u04 in chair years).  I found the perfect chair.  It's amazing, and comfortable, and it doesn't have a spring that pokes me in the ass every time I sit down. 

Sitting in the new chair reminded me of how uncomfortable our couch was.  So we decided to buy a new couch.  We got a deal!  No, not really.  The salesperson said we got a deal, and the couch was on sale, but it was still a stupid idea.  So now we have to pay $911 before the end of October, or they'll sue us, or so says their policy.  I talked myself into it by saying that we could sell the two couches we already have to pay for the majority of it.  Too bad nobody wants to buy those couches!  So now I'll have three couches and no savings account.  Doy! 

Stupid Stupid Stupid.

And now on to the actual subject I sat down to write about . . .

Remember when I said here that Pen made a delicious smoked BBQ pork loin?  It's still here.  I swear, no matter how much we eat, that damn container still has the same amount of shredded pork in it that it did the last time I opened it.  I am tired of pork.  I now hate BBQ sauce (which is really sad for me).  I hate even opening the container.  I hate the tongs that we leave in the container to make dishing out the shredded pork easier.  I hate that shelf of the fridge.  I hate pigs!  Oookay . . . moment over.  I can't hate pigs, because bacon is awesome.

Here's a break down of the pork loin that will just not die:

Sunday: 4 meals
Monday: 4 meals
Tuesday: 3 meals
Wednesday: 3 meals
Thursday: 2 meals

Remember that we paid $17 for that sucker.  That's $1.06 per meal.  And there's still more left.  Anyone want some pork loin?  Anyone?  Tomorrow night I'm going to find a way to put it on pizza.  Perhaps I'll put it into Piglet 1's birthday cake on Saturday.  Pork loin margaritas?  Perhaps I'll drop the container in the middle of the night and accidentally pour gasoline all over it, rendering it inedible.  Or . . . we'll just eat it until it's gone.  Blah.

I'm also busy planning Piglet 1's birthday party.  I'll share the details in one or two of the posts of my 31 Days to Financial Freedom.  I normally go nuts for birthday parties, and it's been a real challenge for me to stay within my $40 budget that I set for myself.  We still have one more trip to Wal-mart to make.  Think we can do it?

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