Thursday, September 6, 2012

Eating Out

As I mentioned in my first post we eat out way too much, especially for someone (me!) who loves to cook.  I pulled our checking account summary for the month of August and found out we spent . . . are you ready . . . $447.14 eating out.  That's crazy, is it not?!  I had absolutely no idea we were spending that much as we were doing it.  Let me break it down for you:

Pizza Hut: $136.31

We usually order two pizzas and cheesy bread every Friday for Pizza and Movie Night, and eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. Oh, and the cheese sauce.  I lurve the cheese sauce.  If we have something planned for the weekend and we won't be home, we only buy one pizza with the cheesy bread. So long, delicious cheese sauce from Pizza Hut. I will miss you.

Mexican: $94.98

We have what was once a fantastic Mexican restaurant in our town. Now it's sub-par Mexican food, but we're still eating it like it's the best thing since sliced bread. G'bye, cheese dip of goodness. You will be missed . . . kind of.

McDonald's: $56.21

I don't even like McDonald's. Seriously, how on earth did we spend that much at a "restaurant" that makes me ill? You will not be missed, McDonald's. My stomach is better off without you.

Snacks/soda from gas stations: $117.40

How is it possible to spend $117.40 on soda, candy bars, and pringles?  Those are late-night runs of "snackages" (as we call them), after the kiddos are in bed.  Some of that money was road snacks for longer car rides (y'know, like the 30 miles it takes us to get to the nearest Walmart.  Those "long car rides"). 

I also ate out almost every day for lunch in my work's cafeteria.  We are lucky to have a fantastic cafeteria with (mostly) yummy food, which you can purchase for between three and five dollars per meal.  Still, that's at least $60 per month that I was spending on lunch, when I could have been spending half that bringing my lunch from home.

So . . . in light of all this craziness, we are punishing ourselves by not eating out all of September.  Also, as you can imagine with all the cheese sauce and soda, Pen and I are a bit on the overweight side.  You won't see us on any future episodes of Biggest Loser yet, but we could both stand to lose some weight.  Here's hoping for a thicker checking account and a thinner waist line at the end of September, instead of the other way around!

Thanks for reading!

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